BANK HOLIDAY TRAINING BANK HOLIDAY TRAINING Bank Hol wknd Training Group After a long session of skipping hill runs, stretching, abs, Track 100m & 400m sprints, Pad Drills defence attack etc...wonderful!!! 80925835 With dedicated students Adam n Arun 80925831 Hard but fun 80925830 RukThai forever, literally!...Bartosz with our logo tattoo... 80925834 Shakeel on pads for Arun 80925833 Watching Jit n Jamie 80925836 Michael n Dad on pads 80925838 Group drill rounds 80925839 Pad instruction 80925840 Drills 80925841 Rupesh n Sukh ready on the whistle... 80925842 Jit holding pads for Jamie 80925844 'Last 10 seconds...' 80925843 Bartosz holding pads for Tomasz 80925845 Training in the sun! 80925837