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 Bhavin Upadhyay May 3rd 2015

 A testimonial from the heart ........

Muay Thai has been big part of my life since I first met Arjan Danny
at Uni in 2003.  I still remember plucking up the courage to go to the
first session and being turned away because the class was packed to
capacity with well over 60 students in the gym!  I had to wait until
the following week to attend my first session and have never looked
back since.  Arjan Danny’s always been an inspiration to me, his
skill, technique and precision are second to none and a testament to
all of his hard work and dedication.  Arjan puts the same degree of
hard work and dedication into training all his students (me included)
which is plain to see whenever you attend a session at RukThai camp.
RukThai camp has been a second Family for me over the past 12 years
and I’ve made friends for life, Arjan included.  The training is
second to none with Arjan ensuring we all strive for perfection by
pushing us to our limits and encouraging us to keep working harder.
This attitude has helped me to deal with the stresses and pressures of
work and stay focused.  I’m blessed to have found Arjan Danny and
RukThai camp and am forever grateful for all the time and effort Arjan
has put into training me.


Jacob Modak November 24th 2011

Sawatdee Krup Arjarn,

I would just like to say thankyou for all your help in and out of training, I have really come to feel at home with Rukthai and I will endeavour to follow your humble example with great perseverance.

Best Regards and training wishes



Vivek Sharma May 2nd 2011

I joined the Rukthai Camp in November 2010. Master Danny has encouraged, as well as other Rukthai members have motivated me to learn and adopt the teachings of Muay Thai.

I come from a Martial Arts background where I did Shotokan Karate for many years; the training I’ve endured in the Rukthai Camp has excelled me to greater heights. I have learnt how to channel my strength as well as focus my mind for self-defence.

The rigorous training has helped me to lose almost 2 stone within a 6 month window. My physical fitness, flexibility and stamina have been pushed to the next level!

Thank you Master Danny.


Depesh Desai  (wrote from our facebook group)
at 1:31pm on March 3rd, 2009
Thank you to Ajarn Danny for the hard work he puts in to trainging us and keeping us focused and inspired. Thank you also to all the RukThai boys who came and supported us, and congratulations to all the LMTA fighters for their superb victories.

Being able to beat a more experienced Area Champion with two days notice is a
testament to the superb training that Ajarn Danny offers, as well as the confidence
he has in his students and training methods.


Amardeep (Dips) Dhillon 

I Fight, For Sure, To Win... These words epitomise the spirit of RukThai Camp and these are words I will cherish and live by till my last breath. I would like to add my thoughts to those before me who have discussed, argued and philosophised the Martial Arts. To me, the Martial Arts is not simply knowing how to kick or how to punch or do someone in. It is knowing how to live life. Muay Thai, and more importantly RukThai Camp brings me back full circle more times than I can think of. From winning my first fight, to dealing with losses. To helping me with work, to helping me with various situations. There are countless examples of where Muay Thai has helped me and I could go on and on. But what I'm trying to say is, what I have learnt, and continue to learn to this day, makes me a fuller human being.

I go back to when I was a kid in the 80's! learning Muay Thai from Arjarn Danny and yes, things have changed since then, but if there's one thing that has not changed is his ability to inspire and instil confidence in people. His ability to know what you need to do to be better, to be stronger! His teaching methods are without a doubt the best in the country. I have fought in the ring and owe a lot of my success to him. It is a testament to him that I have been training here for so long.

For those wishing to learn authentic Muay Thai for competitions, fitness, self defence or simply "a way of life", you have come home... To all RukThai Camp students, new and old, I wish you great success in whatever you may be doing and wherever you may be. Welcome...Dips

Kru Julian Forbes 

Sawasdee Sir,
First of all the site is looking great,keep on adding. Secondly, i would like to thank Master Danny for all his help and ongoing support over the past couple of years.
Keep up with the good work your an ambassador for Muaythai and a true friend.
Kru Julian


David Salman

I think this website puts across the atmosphere at Rukthai very well. More than just a boxing club, and the complete opposite to whatever bulldog gyms you come across, Rukthai treats you as a family member. Here, people learn so much more than how to punch and kick, we learn confidence in ourselves, and as a result, none of us feel the need to prove ourselves to anyone. The training pushes your body and mind to the limit, and I used to come out of training with Arjarn Danny thinking; if I can do that I can do anything. I am a doctor, and I think the training has allowed me to cope with the stress very well. When I don't train, I feel half the person that I can be, and I feel sorry for people who haven't had the opportunity to explore themselves through the training here. I think Rukthai will live forever, and all of us lucky enough to be a part of it will never forget it

Jags Jhaj over 2 years ago

It is an honor to be training with the Rukthai Camp and from seeing the level of quality present here I would be pleased to attain just half the skill set of that protrayed by the seniors.

Its not often you're blessed enough to find a true master, so to have one who possesses exceptional skills, understanding of students and various methods of teaching shows what good hands Rukthai Camp is in.

Overall it's a Great website, Great camp, Great people, Great Master, only thing not so Great? I only found you four months ago.

Kru Yai Gary Wright (LMTA)

I met Arjarn Danny back in 2002 at his Acton Town Hall IMTF Area Championships Show, the first thing I noticed was that his fighters were very talented, it was that show that made me realise that this was the way forward. I first went to train with Arjarn Danny to learn the Krabbi Krabbong, he said to me "before you can learn Krabbi, you have to learn Muay Thai", up until that point I thought I knew Muay Thai, how wrong I was I still remember my first lesson, and seeing myself in the mirror at Energize gym in Hammersmith, I looked like a right brawler, it still makes me laugh, but since then I've learnt alot about Muay Thai, spiritually and physically. He's not only changed my teaching style, he's also changed my life. Through his teachings my students have benefited. I would just like to say Thanks Arjarn for putting me in the right direction.
Kru Gary London Muay Thai Academy

Sukhminder (Sukh) Kooner
over 3 years ago 

Sawatdee everyone!
Fortunately for me I found Arjarn Danny early, I have now trained and fought under his watchful eye for 10 years. I walked into the camp as a total stranger to MuayThai. Rukthai camp is a big family, the atmosphere is very hospitable, loving and welcoming, we all train hard together and help each other. Arjarn Danny has been like a father, older brother figure to many of us and has guided us through many difficult times in life. Come and join the Rukthai family! I have fought on many shows up and down the country, trained with world champions, cornered fights for world champions, and I can now come to the conclusion that Arjarn Danny is truly one of the best MuayThai coaches out there in the world... and trust me I am a MuayThai freak! One thing is for sure where ever Rukthai students are or maybe, any where in the world we all breathe Rukthai fire and have Rukthai blood pumping through our veins!!! Look forward to meeting you all. Skud

Asim Sultan
over 3 years ago

In response to Sukh's message I must say that I am very happy and proud to be part of the Rukthai camp! Thanks to Kru Gary of London muaythai who introduced me to Ajarn Danny and the Rukthai family. Great camp to be part of. Ive made some really good friend's here and the training is excellent. One love for the whole camp. Keep training hard. Peace... !

Sifu Jazz Gill 

It is great to see that you are keeping the traditional Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong arts alive and people can get the opportunity to study these arts in the pure form that was practised in the old days in Thailand.

Keep up the good work.

Jazz Gill
Sifu Chow Gar Tong Long
Guru Warriors Escrima

All the best.

Sifu Jazz Gill


Hitesh Bhalla over a year ago


I first trained at the Ruk Thai camp at the age of 20 and feel thoroughly priviledged to have done so. The lessons I have learnt from Ajarn Danny and all of his students have made me a better man for it.
To this day, I am amazed that someone so accomplished remains so passionate to teach others with a degree of humility and class that makes every lesson a pleasure to attend.

Thank you Ajarn Danny!


Peter Young over 2 years ago

Sawatdee People,

New site is looking very smart.

I have been coming to RukThai camp for nearly 5 months now, really really enjoying it. I was introduced to RukThai Camp by Ali ( Owner of Ace Cutz Barber Shop) He was always telling me to come and train, So eventually i did come down and i loved it. Arjarn Danny has been amazing and very helpful to me i enjoy the training and everything that goes with it. Rukthai has definately been a good and positive step in my life i have been recommending Rukthai to friends & family.

Rukthai all the way !


Craig Moore


I have been training now with the camp for just a few short weeks and I am amazed that in that time I have learnt a lot of things from Master Danny and the other members of the camp.

Not only have I learnt about Muay Thai but also about myself which is great.

I consider myself extremly lucky to have found such an excellent camp to train in, and find it an honour to recommend the camp to others.

With the fantastic family spirit and the excellent leadership of Master Danny this camp will go on forever.



Leon Davidson

Hi all
I joined the Rukthai camp recently and I have to say, I'm hooked. I have realised how lucky I am to have found this camp. The people are great and everyone trains really hard. I have also been blown away by the skill, knowledge, dedication and inspiration that Master Danny brings to each and every training session, I can clearly see why he has many dedicated students who have remained with him for so many years. It is an honour to be taught by him and be part of the Rukthai family.

Jason Armstrong over 3 years ago

See you at Rukthai soon. The new website looks great. !


Hi Danny
Very good website, easy to navigate and very informative. Keep up the good work and the promotoin of Muay Thai to this level.

Greetings from Spain



Charles De Jager over 2 years ago

Really like the photo gallery!! Loads of good messages!!! Very inspiring. All my suport to a true teacher.


Raj over a year ago


Ever since I was introduced to Muay Thai by Master Danny I quickly developed interest, love and respect for it. Muay Thai is a great form of exercise for the mind, body and soul and so there has always been so much to learn by way of form, technique and strength.

Master Danny deserves so much recognition for his dedication and committment to Muay Thai and its students. He is truly inspirational and exceptional and I am ever grateful for what I have learnt and will continue to learn. It has taken a positive effect on my life and opened up new avenues of interest.

Deepak Khurmi

Master Danny,
Great site and thanks for the informative emails and keeping me up to date with the RukThai Camp.
Hope to be back soon

Sameer Darius Aryan

Firstly I would like to say it's an honour to be a part of Ruk Thai camp and the whole Muay Thai family, I looked for alot of places in the U.K to learn the true art of Muay Thai but found that they don't really teach Muay Thai but more kick boxing style thai boxing. When i met Master Danny i felt an aura around him i felt that as if this is what i have been looking for a long time. I have been training for a few months now and in these few months i have learnt alot thanks to Master Danny. I hope i can be as good as him one day.