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Do your main weights session a day AFTER your Muay Thai class NOT a day before (unless light dumbell/barbell work) definitely not on the same morning/day prior to your class. It is ok to finish a Muay Thai class with weights as part of the training session like a circuit based routine at the end for power and strength or even go for some weights later on in the day if you do some Muay Thai in the early part of the day so long its after Muay Thai.

Your muscle cells are broken down during weight training and need at least 24-36 hours to rest, recover and grow. Doing weights and not fully recovering to do Muay Thai is detrimental energy needed for recuperation of the muscles is used up in the Muay Thai aerobically and your muscles wont grow...(of course nutrition is the other big factor for correct intake and fat burning which we'll discuss later).

Train for tone and strength endurance in the muscles. For those who want to lose weight, Muay Thai is the best activity I know. Ideally you want maximum efficiency for speed and strength which will generate power...beginners can make very quick gains building lean muscle..It is ok to do the occasional  heavy session to add variety & shock the body. 

Therefore for Muay Thai training generally between 8-15 reps on all body parts except for muscles which need some overloading if stubborn such as calves where you can do 20+ reps (don't forget you do a lot of skipping, running etc and your MuayThai anyway ). You can increase reps
or increase weight as you move up sets.

Muscles for core strength important for MuayThai balance, movement and stability....abs (flat/incline sit-up bench with small weight cross armed on chest), oblique/sides (weight behind head twist crunch/side crunches/dumbbell side bends definitely sets of 30+ reps and back
(lat machine pull downs, cable rows, single arm dumbbell rows) increasing the weight each set for 10 - 15 reps. 3 sets standard each exercise, say 3 different exercise for each body part...therefore 9 sets per body part enough. Each session do one big muscle group and one small and aim for EXPLOSIVE repetitions!

LEGS, important for balanced movement, stable footwork and because power generated from the ground through the legs for all Muay Thai weapons (3 sets quads.. leg presses/squats, 3 sets leg extensions, 3 sets lunges and/or leg biceps, superset with split squat jumps for a great pump, optional 3 sets calves..e.g. donkey calf raises) then

for power in shoulder girdle, Muay Thai power punching, grappling (3 sets with dumbbells, presses for overall or warm up and/or front raises for anterior front head, 3 sets side laterals medial middle head, 3 sets bent over side laterals posterior back head)

It follows: Back then Biceps, Chest then Triceps....abwork (even without a weight) can be added to all sessions, don't forget adequate warm up, stretch before and after, a better stretched muscle is a better worked muscle especially to get best range of motion. Ultimately, weights should not overtake your Muay Thai training but worked in addition to it i.e. supplementary.

This is by no means definitive but it gives u an idea how to incorporate weight training to supplement and get the most out of your Muay Thai @ RukThai Camp.

Essential Strength exercises with proper technique shown, mixing sets with power/body weight/callisthenic exercises to form Supersets for Muay Thai, REMEMBER proper warm up and stretching first :


        WIDE CHINS           THEN               DEADLIFTS 




KNEE RAISE DRILLS         THEN                 SQUATS


PRESS UPS                     THEN               BENCH PRESS



  V-UPS           THEN             CABLE-ROWS                                                                        












The following is my advice only for those who are seriously underweight & want to put on muscle mass...FAST!! and get the physique they want. I have had a few students asking for my advice about this so i'm sure this will help them and those seeking answers on how to go about making effective gains.

It is a reply i wrote back in response to this email:

Hi Master Danny,

>Its Sumit, I came to your class on thursday, It was my 1st time but i

>really enjoyed it. You was explaining to me about how to gain weight

>and following a routine of using weights. I was wondering if you could

>e-mail that routine and the few tips you offered please.

>Thank you for your time,



Hi Sumit

Start doing these simple body weight circuit program FIRST

(each exercise is done back to back with no rest until all the exercises are complete) that should be performed three to five days a week for two weeks before embarking on a heavy resistance program.

Repeat the circuit three to four times after resting sixty to ninety seconds.

Exercise repetitions

Body weight squats 25-100

Press ups 25-100

Crunches 25-100

Shuttle sprints (20m sprint, 20m jog back) 10 Back extensions 25-100 There are around five general avenues for progression.

Either increases:

in intensity (weight),

volume (sets and reps),

density (how much exercise is done in a given time frame),

frequency (how often the exercise or muscle group is trained in a week/microcycle)

as well as the 'familiarity' (different exercise or motor pattern).

Trying to ensure that you take advantage of all the methods of progression will ensure that you continually progress, as well as ensuring that you develop all the factors that make up a large highly developed muscle



No session should take more than 45 mins. Your food intake will have to be very good but most importantly, you will need to take in large amounts of protein powders and glutamine at the right times.


Chest: Flat bench press. 5 sets of your heaviest weight, 10 reps.


Back: Chins. 5 sets of 10 reps. If you can do more than 10 reps, then you need to attach extra weight to your body. You can also do pulldowns instead of chins.


Legs: Squats. 4 sets of the heaviest weight you can handle, 10 reps. Leg

extensions: 3 sets, 20 reps. Hamstring curls: 3 sets, 15 reps


Shoulders: Overhead dumbbell press. 5 sets of the heaviest weight you can handle. 10 reps. Side raises: 4 sets, 10 reps.


Lower back & traps: Deadlifts. 4 sets of the heaviest weight you can handle.

10 reps. Shrugs: 4 sets of the heaviest weight you can handle, 15 reps.


Biceps & triceps: Dips: 5 sets of the heaviest weight. 10 reps. If you can dip over 10 reps, then you need to add weight to your body using a dip belt.

Biceps: Dumbbell curls on a preacher bench, using heaviest weight you can handle, 10 reps.



DAY 8-14: Exactly same as days 1-7. DO FOR 4 WEEKS MINIMUM

You need to use very good form for each exercise. You need to lower the weight slowly, taking at least 5 seconds and you need to contract your muscles fully, at least 3 seconds.

The heaviest weight you can handle, means using "good form". It is by using good form that you work the muscle and not by just using very heavy weights.

Forget about showing off in the gym for these 2 weeks, even if it means using lighter weights than you are normally used to. Most people sacrifice good form for the sake of lifting a little bit heavier. Don't do it if you want to grow!



Very important part of the regime. Your intake should be highly nutritious, so you can't skip breakfast or dinner. Your meals should be something like below:

Waking up: Whey protein shake, such as LA Whey � 48g protein

Breakfast: Porridge, 10 eggs, 4-6 toasts, tea/coffee/grapefruit juice

Mid morning snack: Tuna/egg sandwich. If you can afford it, whey protein shake.

Lunch: Pasta/rice or potatoes, red meat/chicken/fish or tuna, vegetables.

Mid afternoon: Tuna/egg sandwich. If you can afford it, whey protein shake.

Dinner: Steak/chicken/turkey/fish or tuna, some pasta or rice, vegetables.

Before sleep: Whey protein shake such as LA Whey.

In the morning (before, alongside or after your breakfast):

POWER-PROTEIN-MIX: Mix 2 cups of rice crispies, 2 scoops of Bio_Activator, 2 cups water, 10 ice cubes, 2 spoons of Udo's oil (from any health shop) in a blender. Take 30 minutes to drink this mix.

Before/during training:

Mix 1 scoop of Explosive Creatine with 1 scoop of Centurion in 2 cups of water and drink before or during your workout.

Immediately after training:

Drink another POWER-PROTEIN-MIX as above.

Before sleep:

Mix 2 scoops of Bio_Activator, 1 scoop Centurion or other Glutamine Absolute product with 2 cups of water in a blender. Drink.

If you feel sore at any stage, take in more Glutamine and protein shakes.

Other factors you need to pay attention to:

You need to get at least 7 hours sleep every night, preferably 8 or 9 You need to stay away from *alcohol, cannabis, tap water and soya products You need to drink at least 3 litres of water every day, preferably more You need to avoid stress. So if you are normally on a road-rage trip coming back from work, chill out!

If you find that your muscles are sore or tired (unlikely on this regime), you need to massage them for about 10 minutes.








Although alcohol is absorbed rapidly, it is metabolized very slowly and can have a negative effect on athletic performance. If an athlete consumes as little as two or three drinks fourty-eight hours prior to his or her performance, the athlete will suffer from impaired reaction time, decreased strength, and impaired hand/eye coordination. Alcohol will also increase fatigue, interfere with body temperature, cause dehydration, impact cellular repair, deplete aerobic capacity, disrupt sleep, and cause vitamin and mineral depletion.

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Well lets start on the basic's. In laymans terms you can't build a house without solid foundations!
Our "solid foundation" is the structure of a year round eating plan which will keep you at optimum fat levels with a constant supply of energy. I don't actually like the term "diet" as our aim is to fuel, adjust & maintain.

There are many ways in which you can look at fuelling the body for sport. Some people eat once before training, some people eat breakfast, lunch & dinner. Some people even eat only breakfast. This is all bad for your body & your metabolism. The key term here is "metabolism". This is the natural flame in which we burn calories to fuel us throughout the day. We need to keep this burning as it is a key feature in our body to burn fat too.

If for example you eat 3 times a day breakfast, lunch & dinner you ignite that flame "metabolism" to start burning calories and fat.
But what happens is because you are only eating 3 times a day and between each of those meals you have lets say 4-5 hours of not eating your metabolism drops and burns out. Thats baaaaad!

What we want is to eat every few hours just snacking small handfuls of food. This keeps your metabolism burning all day long, energy levels are high and you burn excess fat as energy too. The key to this is small portions as your stomach will adjust to this and tighten up naturally. This honestly keeps you 100% on point, it's natural and it keeps your body full of the right nutrients all day long. Thus you don't have to go through extreme "Diets" to stay trim. I have explained the basics of nutrition & your metabolism...the next installment is the nutrition plan!!!

Right, the Bullet proof nutrition plan!

This plan can be adjusted to meet any health aims needed!
I'll make this as simple as possible.
Breakfast: Oats(slow release energy) with honey(natural antibacterial) milk or soya. keeps you fuller!
Mid morning snack: Fruit (natural sugars & vitamins)
Lunch: salad, sandwich with some sort of protein source tofu, tuna, beans, lentils.
Mid afternoon snack: Nuts, raisins, health bar (essentials fats)
Pre, during, after training boost: Glucose C powder mixed with bottled water, Energy drink/Electrolytes replacement, Lucozade (glycogen: only fuel that your brain uses fact!)
Dinner: Protein chicken, fish, tofu, soya, lentils (40%). Vegetables:carrots, broccoli, peas etc (40%) & Carbs pasta, potato, rice(20%)

This structure of food groups provides you with all your essentials vitamins & minerals for the key chemical reactions to take place for energy expenditure, muscle formation & structural integrity of the body so you are 100%. When someone says 6 meals a day this is how simple it should look in your mind. At least 3 of those meals can be taken in your bag or rucksack to work, you get the idea. This way of eating is natural & keeps the metabolism burning all day long which in turn burns fat. As long as your meals aren't highly saturated with fat and the calories not too high you're on to a winner!!!