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If you are thinking of or already training in Thailand's Martial Art make sure you're getting the is very important to check out the club...verify the instructors qualifications & background.

Ask to see proof of any claims made of their past including any pictures or videos - any excuses that they've lost or someone else has got them is dubious - no-one would let such a record of their 'great' achievements all disappear! Speak to Thai GrandMasters, Masters and Ambassadors of Muay Thai etc - you owe it to yourself to do your research.

There are genuine Instructors but then there are some who should be learning themselves let alone teaching. People will hear and believe what they want to hear and believe, so laughable as it is dishonest 'instructors' easily make up fight records,Championship wins etc ( having never stepped into the ring and/or lying that they have fought against legends and in Thailands Lumpinee or Ratchademnoen Stadiums! shame, unbelievable stories out there!).

This person abuses their position, inflates their ego and misleads unsuspecting students to impress and retain them, greatly exaggerating their background to keep 'a' club running, without having any genuine ability and/or relevant experience. 

This type of 'Instructor' will also forbid a student to train or check out another club in the area, degrade and display hatred for other instructors...ask yourself why? what don't they want you see or hear? aware, accept no immitations...these people have chosen a shortcut way to feel important and make money...thats all...they give the Art a wrong image and name!

Ultimately, I would strongly advise you to initially train at different clubs before you choose where to stay, listen to yourself not heresay, whats your gut feeling signalling to you, its your money so find the most professional camp available, what are existing students like, are they helpful and welcoming, decide which club environment you feel comfortable in, teaching structure and content offered, attention and feedback received, Instructors martial art ability, character & knowledge,  and most importantly whether a living example of the Art physically, mentally and spiritually....this is the beginning to your self realisation and the first step on your path of learning....CHOK DEE!


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