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Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is both an art and supreme method of self-defence

utilising punches, kicks (with shin & feet) knees elbows plus stand up and

ground fact all the fighting ranges!. Its powerful and effective

techniques have been developed over thousands of years from the battlefields

when the Thais have had the need to defend their country.

Authentic Muay Thai covers all the fighting ranges making it unstoppable

and is popularly dubbed ‘The King of Martial Arts'. Thailand translates to

'land of the free' owing its freedom to the successful use of Muay Thai which

is its National Sport/Martial Art and Heritage. When weapons were lost in battle

during the fury of the fight confrontation carried on with all thebody's natural weapons.

Thai warriors also learned how to use swords in each hand at the same time using

powerful kicks to their opponents' body.

So Muay Thai therefore was borne out of combat reality.

Its practicality and effectiveness makes it the ultimate ringsport and street self-defence.

Muay Thai became popular with many kings over the centuries and great periods in
Thailands history. King Sua of Ayuddha loved to disguise himself as a peasant so to pass
unnoticed when he fought in local and provincial tournaments.King RamaV organised
many Muay Thai contests and decidedto build the Royal Boxing Camp within his palace
and King RamaVI helped to popularise it evenmore in 1914 when it was demonstrated for
the very first time in Europe causing great excitementamong the audience.

Muay Thai fever raced across the seas. In 1937 the very first rules and regulations were
introduced for Muay Thai contests with safer boxing methods and guidelines similar to
western boxing ringsport rules.Lumpini and Rajademnern Boxing Stadiums were built
around this time still running today for national & international bouts.

Muay Thai essential study and practice for Mixed Martial Arts competitions such as
UFC and Cage Rage, it is also popular and used in K1, Pride, Superleague etc together
with a recent surge in worldwide fame and interest from the Tony Jaa movies
Ong Bak, Tom Yum-Goong etc


















Muay Boran Technical Demonstrations by Kru Stefan Kru Depesh

MuayThai is a way of life, a martial art for everyone...whatever your training goals we help you
achieve them.
Beginners to advanced, any martial art background, male or female...
all welcome. For those who are athletic and adventurous or for those who may prefer to
learn at an easy pace to suit themselves, within a few weeks you will feel the difference.

Authentic MuayThai covers all the
fighting ranges and is both an art and supreme method
of self-defence utilising punches, kicks (with shin & feet), knees, elbows, stand up and ground
grappling, locks and throws.

You will learn powerful and effective techniques that have been developed over thousands of
years from the battlefields. Borne out of combat reality its practicality and effectiveness makes
it the ultimate ring sport and unstoppable street self defence. You will receive and benefit from
essential education, instruction and training from the highest qualified help available, amongst
friendly & helpful students in a 'feel good' and totally energising atmosphere.

Muay Thai will help you acquire greater control of your mind and body and most importantly
helping to protect and defend yourself.

Master Danny in split position...Muay Thai 'Damme' good for flexibility (from Jean Claude Van
Damme's famous stretch in his movies)'

Carlton fun run events - RukThai Camp
with light heavy weight Boxing legend-JohnConteh
Warrior from Gladiators

Shaila Kapoor with my Thai Fighting Master 'Mr Knockout' Sagad Petchyindee in Pattaya - our MuayThai & Krabi Krabong Course October 1998




Depesh corner KO Tournament

Depesh's win on 11 December 2004
in K Star Tournament Birmingham

Kru Chris wins Again

RukThai boys!!
Depesh win Ko Tournament

RukThai Camp Depesh win against
K Star KO Tournament
Sav doing RamMuay in KO Tournament
Sav Right punch at KO Tournament
Sav win KO Tournament




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